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With aggressive geometry and 160mm of travel the R160 thrives in steep and technical terrain, yet at the same time it is equally at home on climbs and all day epics. The unique dw6 suspension system plays a key part in this versatility. The progressive leverage ratio provides the suppleness you need for grip at the start of the travel, support in the middle, and a bottomless feeling at the end for when you’re really pushing things – perfect no matter what situation you find yourself in. Of course, alongside grip and composure you also want a frame that pedals well, and once again the dw6 design won’t leave you wanting, the R160 is as efficient as they come.

We believe that 27.5” wheels are the perfect partner for a bike of this nature as they offer great speed, whilst crucially still being able to handle the sort of thrashing that they are likely to encounter on the R160. You’ll also find it ‘boost’ with a 12x148mm rear axle for maximum compatibility purposes, and a proper threaded bottom bracket (no creaking here!). Talking of threads, apart from the bottom bracket ones you won’t find a single thread anywhere else on the titanium parts of the frame. We’ve seen too many frames written off by damaged threads, so all of ours are easily replaceable should that ever be required.

You can learn more about the technical details of the unique engineering that has gone into the R160 if you head to our tech section, but all that effort would be worthless if the frame didn’t fit you perfectly, and that’s why we believe a custom fit is so important. Once we have your measurements we will provide you with our recommended geometry. That recommendation will be based upon what we believe provides the ultimate blend of speed, fun, stability and agility – just fill in your details below and our geometry engine will provide you with your custom frame dimensions. If you have different priorities/requirements then for a small extra charge we are more than happy to discuss these with you and work out what is best for you, in order to create something truly bespoke, but we believe that the vast majority of riders will love our suggested geometry as much as we do.

Frame Specifications:

  • Recommended head angle – 65.5 degrees
  • Recommended seat angle – 74 degrees
  • Recommended chain stay length – 430mm
  • Recommended bottom bracket drop – 10mm
  • ZS44 – ZS56 headset
  • 73mm threaded bottom bracket
  • ISCG tabs
  • Dedicated single chainring compatibility
  • 31.6mm seatpost – stealth dropper compatible
  • 216 x 63mm shock
  • M8 x 22mm shock hardware
  • 148 x 12mm boost rear axle
  • 27.5” wheel size
  • ‘Custom fit’ Frame Price – £3,245.83
    • Purchases in UK & EU+ 20% VAT = £3,895
    • Purchases from outside EU subject to taxes
  • Full builds are available on request, contact us here




  • Height:

    Standing against a wall with riding shoes on, measure in MILLIMETRES from the ground to the top of your head.

  • Inside Leg:

    Wearing riding shoes, wedge a book between the top of your legs, spine facing up and measure in MILLIMETRES from the spine of the book to the ground.

  • Arm span:

    Hold your arms out to each side and measure from finger tip to finger tip in MILLIMETRES

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